Geology on the Wing Wednesdays #5 – Newly created beach on Lake Houston

This week, guest blogger Dave Wolf (@davidewolf on twitter) is in the house, and has a sobering look at the drought crisis affecting Texas.  Dave took these photos from a MUCH larger plane than mine, as evidenced by the enormous wing flaps in the photo.  The Texas drought has been in the news a lot this summer, most recently with the fires in Bastrop (link).  I think about 500 homes have burned in Bastrop alone this week, and I think the number is in the thousands for all the fires during the whole summer.  During 2011, fires have burned 3.6 MILLION ACRES – that is an area the size of Connecticut  (link).  Rick Perry is even asking Texans to pray for rain.

Anyways, the image is of Lake Houston boat houses that aren’t floating anymore.  The lake is down 7.6 feet below ‘full’ (link to 2011 vs 2010 levels), and it shows, leaving the boat houses stranded, and the city of Houston running short on water:

Normal levels of Lake Houston can be seen in a Google Earth perspective shot, located at 29.963350, -95.158683:


wow, check this out too –

“The Texas months of June through August were the hottest three months ever recorded in the history of the United States.”


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