Geology on the Wing Wednesdays #7 – Geologist on the Wing!

Yes, folks, here it is – Two Texans in the same photo!  In yellow is the AT-6 Texan, a famous military trainer aircraft that taught countless aviators to fly.  It is usually painted in this classic yellow color and has that distinctive canopy and empennage (tail) shape.  The other Texan is me, and that fire extinguisher was just laying on the ground randomly.  I am literally, Geologist on the Wing (of an AT-6 Texan)!

Other cool things seen at the Wings over Houston airshow this last weekend are below.  We forgot a camera, so all of these are taken with my new cell phone made by that fruit company, which I must say, I am impressed with:

A Mig 17 with the coolest paint job I have ever seen flying about 10 feet off the ground!

And a dramatic reenactment of the bombing of Pearl Harbor – I must say, I was kind of shaken up by this, as they had sirens wailing, jeeps driving around with guys running around shooting blanks, and tons of Japanese Zeros and P51s duking it out in the air as hige explosions went off on the ground…

The headliner act were the Canadian Snowbirds, a group of nine Canadair CT114s that fly precision formations all while doing loops and rolls – spectacular!

Finally, all of these planes performed solo flights, but at the end of their session, they all grouped together and did a ‘Heritage flight’ to show the advancements in military aviation in the past 50 years – pretty amazing.  Shown from the top down are the P47 Thunderbolt (WWII era), the P51 Mustang (I think, WWII era also), the F16 Viper (aka Fighting Falcon, modern), and the F4 Phantom (Vietnam era).


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