Geo-pumpkin: a perfect Bouma sequence turbidite!

UPDATE, Nov 7, 2012 – see this post for a broader overview of turbidite deposits.

I came home today and had to join the fun, and my entry is my favorite geological feature, the turbidite.  Arnold Bouma described it, Roger Walker and Don Lowe interpreted it, and I carved it into a pumpkin.  Check out that normal grading (like this post), the parallel lamination, and the ‘poorly developed’ ripples, and finally the mud cap… Happy Halloween!!

PS. By my carving style, you can see why I became a geologist, and not a sculpture artist…  In case you cant decipher my carving, here is what it is supposed to look like (courtesy of  Those sloped wedge-looking things are supposed to be ripples, and the parallel lamination is kind of hard to see in that light…


2 thoughts on “Geo-pumpkin: a perfect Bouma sequence turbidite!

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