Geology on the Wing Wednesdays #8 – Abandoned Sabine river delta near Cameron, Louisiana

The Sabine river has a very interesting coastal history, mostly documented by Rufus LeBlanc.  He shows a pattern of modern avulsions of the river updip from the coastline, leading to at least two deltas.  Due to low sediment supply and the position of the coastline with the dominant Gulf winds, the deltas are wave dominated.  The image below is of the abandoned delta, and the modern delta that forms the boundary between Texas and Louisiana is to the left (west).  I’ll try to drum up the papers and images for a real post, but in the meantime, enjoy the abandoned wave-dominated delta near where the city of Cameron, Lousiana sits.  Note the nice beach ridges!

Also note that this photo was taken from a (much) larger airplane than most of my photos… that’s because I am travelling to Spain for a week to l00k at rocks!


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