AGU 2011 Wednesday morning wrap up

Wow, every year AGU never ceases to amaze me. It is such a unique conference that brings together very quantitative geologists (e.g. numerical and experimental modelers) with people who study modern systems and outcrop systems (sometimes quantitatively and sometimes not). What that means is that you are always learning something very interesting and applicable from someone at AGU. For me, it is usually learning about quantitative methods, as i am mostly a qualitative, descriptive geologist. Although I enjoy the dynamic nature of talks, the posters are where the real learning happens, where you can interact with the author and ask them many questions, which you just don’t have time to do in a talk. I actually enjoy giving a poster more than a talk for that same reason, that I can bounce my ideas off of many different people and get feedback on my research.

That is what I am about to do this afternoon. So stop by my poster, number 929 in the EP33C session called: Submarine Channel Systems: Flow Dynamics and Sedimentary Deposits I Posters. My poster is: Sinuous slope channel evolution: insights from 3D high-resolution seismic data, piston coring, and numerical modeling of the western Niger Delta slope. Come check it out!


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