2017 Conference of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists

The CoRE research group that I lead at Colorado School of Mines visited Houston, TX last week to attend the 100th conference of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). It is an industry-focused scientific conference that brings together academia and industry to address basic and applied scientific problems for the petroleum industry. I include a few photos below to show some highlights from the conference.


Lauren Shumaker talk AAPG 2017
Lauren Shumaker (CoRE postdoc) presenting her work on submarine channel scaling relationships
Luke Pettinga poster AAPG 2017
Luke Pettinga (CoRE Ph.D. student) talking to Chevron stratigraphers about his poster on submarine channel-fan systems
Rosie Fryer poster AAPG 2017
Rosie Fryer (CoRE M.S. student) talking to participants about her poster on detailed bed correlations in outcropping submarine lobe deposits near San Diego, CA
SEPM Deepwater Research Group AAPG 2017
The evening meeting of the SEPM Deepwater Research Group – Ian Kane and Zoltan Sylvester gave two very nice talks about thin-bedded turbidites associated with submarine channels.


Colorado School of Mines Alumni event AAPG 2017
Colorado School of Mines alumni reception – Lesli Wood led the group in singing the Mines fight song!

Florian Pohl and I took a daytrip up to Texas A&M University to sample some cores from a submarine fan/lobe system offshore Nigeria (see this paper (and pdf) for more details).


One thought on “2017 Conference of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists

  1. I worked with a graduate who may have been a student of yours, Chris Heim. We worked together at Baker Hughes and are co authors of an article on mass spectrometry in the oil drilling industry.

    I see it is not your specialization but, if there is someone to interpret it, mass spec gasses can be very beneficial while drilling.

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