AAPG 2017 Sessions

The AAPG meeting in Houston next spring (April 2-5) is the centennial meeting, and should be a good one. In recent years, AAPG has organized the technical program into broad 'themes' rather than allowing specific session proposals, and then just grouped the submissions into sessions after the deadline. People have generally rebelled against this and …

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AAPG 2012 annual meeting subthemes

Hey guys, there is nothing on the AAPG website, so here is a collection of subthemes that pertain to turbidites and other siliciclastic environments... 2012 AAPG National Conference and Exhibition 22-25 April, 2012 Long Beach, California Theme #3: Siliciclastic Reservoirs-Exploration & Characterization (note that sub-themes will not be advertised on the website due to AAPG’s …

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