“Doomed pioneers” – my favorite turbidite ichnofacies!

And, no I am not talking about the Donner Party (hooray, wikipedia links are back!).  I am talking about a 1990 Geology paper by Follmi and Grimm called "Doomed pioneers: Gravity-flow deposition and bioturbation in marine oxygen-deficient environments."  The doomed pioneers in this case are shrimp burrows of the ichnofacies Thalassinoides and Gyrolithes that were brought from shallow water into the …

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Conglomeratic submarine canyon fill, Point Lobos, California

Wow, this is one of the best normally graded turbidites I have ever seen!  I saw this at the Point Lobos State Natural Preserve near Monterey, CA on a recent field trip with SPODDS (my former research group) .  These rocks exposed along the Pacific coast have been uplifted by San Andreas transpression, and they are …

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