“Doomed pioneers” – my favorite turbidite ichnofacies!

And, no I am not talking about the Donner Party (hooray, wikipedia links are back!).  I am talking about a 1990 Geology paper by Follmi and Grimm called "Doomed pioneers: Gravity-flow deposition and bioturbation in marine oxygen-deficient environments."  The doomed pioneers in this case are shrimp burrows of the ichnofacies Thalassinoides and Gyrolithes that were brought from shallow water into the …

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Geo-pumpkin: a perfect Bouma sequence turbidite!

UPDATE, Nov 7, 2012 - see this post for a broader overview of turbidite deposits. I came home today and had to join the fun, and my entry is my favorite geological feature, the turbidite.  Arnold Bouma described it, Roger Walker and Don Lowe interpreted it, and I carved it into a pumpkin.  Check out …

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