The Bouma sequence and turbidite deposits

For a while now, the most popular page on my site has been this one, a photo of a Halloween pumpkin I carved to look like the Bouma sequence.  It is the most popular because people are looking for information about the Bouma sequence, so it is time to do a real post on the …

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AAPG 2012 annual meeting subthemes

Hey guys, there is nothing on the AAPG website, so here is a collection of subthemes that pertain to turbidites and other siliciclastic environments... 2012 AAPG National Conference and Exhibition 22-25 April, 2012 Long Beach, California Theme #3: Siliciclastic Reservoirs-Exploration & Characterization (note that sub-themes will not be advertised on the website due to AAPG’s …

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