Geology on the Wing Wednesdays #11 – Washita River meanders, Oklahoma

I’ve decided to start posting again after a hiatus, and I will start it off by reviving an old series called “Geology on the Wing Wednesdays”. Generally, these are photos I have taken of various places while flying low and slow in search of a $100 hamburger.

This week’s GOTWW comes from near Anadarko, Oklahoma, where the beautiful Washita River, a tributary to the Red River, meanders across the plains. This river is interesting not only due to the complex meandering form, but also because the channel belt seems quite narrow, implying slow rates of lateral migration, or that this river is relatively ‘immature’ (that is to say, recently avulsed). The caveat to that interpretation is that the landscape is strongly anthropogenically modified, obscuring the true width of the channel belt.

Washita River near Anadarko, Oklahoma


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